Least Worst

.: I’ve been blogging since 2003. Some of the stuff I’ve blogged about has been worthwhile. Here’s most of it, in reverse chronological order.

Extra Credit
.: By far the most effort I’ve expended on an extra credit assignment. I wound up with a B+ in the class.

Canadian Lunch and Science BloggingThe Sandwalk and was one of the few non-Canadians to collect on the free lunch prize. These two posts emerged from that international day trip.

Miracle House
.: An encounter with a True Believer.

Hello City!, Hello Campus!, Hello Again, Campus!, Hellow New York City!, and Goodbye City
.: Five-part series on visiting Rutgers for the first time. Turns out it was a defining experience.

Dembski at Baylor
.: William Dembski gave a talk at his twice-former employer, and to the surprise of no one I caught him (after the fact, sadly) distorting some important but not well-known experiments by Sol Spiegelman.

.: Every now and then I’ll scribble out a comic. This is my most popular.

.: Evidence of a juvenile mind.

.: Reason #54 why you should major in chemistry.

Grandfather Poems
.: Recording of my grandfather reading Wordsworth.

12% False
.: Collection of worthwhile material from a previous incarnation of this blog, all culled from the Wayback Machine.

The Europe Saga

Experiment I
.: Realistic instructions for your first acid/base titration.

Biolistics or “Maybe We Could Just Shoot It?”
.: A simple introduction to perhaps the coolest science trick ever.

P.I.G. or “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Factually Incorrect Guides”
.: Some fun parodies of the awful Politically Incorrect Guide series. Also attained brief globalwebnet popularity.

Intelligence Denied and Science Fair or “Isn’t This What Science Is All About?”
.: Two science-related posts. One about anti-science forces at my university, and another straightforward post on two interesting science experiments.

Adventures in Memory, Trip to Austin, Adventures in Austin
.: A trilogy of photoblogs I wrote after stealing my brother’s camera. Also explains why I’m wary of any combination of chocolate and raspberries.

I Am A Terrorist or “How I Threatened to Burn My Professor at the Stake” and Fifteen Minutes or “Reflections on Becoming a Terrorist”
.: By far my most famous post, and some selected responses. A monster of a comment thread, with new comments still occasionally appearing. Somehow got James Randi’s attention, which sent the story across the whole of the internets. Briefly received a second life when someone submitted it to reddit.

Doctor Dad and Doctor Dad Revisited
.: Covers the two nights I spent at the hospital shadowing my dad, presented entirely as excerpts from conversations with patients.

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