About This Blog (Old)


.: I began the very first incarnation of 90% True on blogspot three years ago when I was 16 years old. (I strongly advise you not to click on the previous link.) Then, after three months of blogspot, I purchased my very own domain, 90percenttrue.com. (I feel I should also dissuade you from clicking the most previous link, but, alas, you are already here.) Very little is known about this secondary period, as all posts have since been erased from the internet. I suppose I could resurrect them if you really wanted to see them, but I’d rather not.

.: Then, on December 2004, I upgraded to WordPress, and almost immediately the quality of my posts went sour. Nobody wanted to read my posts, and I didn’t want to write them. This continued for a very long time, and — but for an occasional bout of internet notoriety — my blog was quiety ignored by the rest of the online community.

.: Then, not twenty hours ago, I upgraded to WordPress 2.x. I’ve been experimenting with what I believe are new features, but chances are equally good that they were present in WordPress 1.x. I sincerely suspect this page will be the only worthwhile aspect of this newest incarnation of 90% True.

What to Expect

.: Though my posting habits in the past have been somewhat erratic, I feel comfortable in offering a list of things to expect from this blog, with 95% C.I. = ­True ± Entertaining:

  • A series of half-baked ideas and unrealistic plans which predictably never come to fruition
  • Unsolicited commentary on matters and affairs of interest only to myself
  • Entries about life at Baylor which may or may not be grounds for expulsion
  • Scientific factoids
  • Unscientific factoids
  • Metascientific factoids
  • Pictures of people, places, and things taken with my brother’s camera

.: This is, of course, by no means a complete list of what to expect, and I may return periodically to add more items.

What not to Expect

.: There are some things you should never expect to see on this blog:

  • Emoticons
  • Online Quizzes
  • Links to MySpace
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • Javascript Cursors
  • Aleutian Literature

.: This is, however, a complete list of what not to expect; everything that’s not included is fair game.

Note on Commenting

.: I can only hope the new filters can adequately stave off the relentless waves of spam without also deleting legitimate comments. If you leave a comment and it does not show up, kindly email me a copy of what you posted, and I shall look for it in the spam folder. Also, do not use a blank name or use “Anonymous” — that will trigger the spam filters automatically and you will be annoyed.

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