They found him anyway and arrested him

Posted By on October 3, 2010

.: My brother thinks anyone can be a journalist, including seventh graders. He sent me this story, via Fark, as evidence:

Hit-and-Run Driver Hides in Tree

Police say the driver of a hit and run crash climbed up in a tree to hide, but they found him anyway and arrested him.

It happened on Hwy 190 and Plano Street in Porterville Thursday night.

Police say Jorge Zavala crashed his pickup into a car while turning onto Plano Street.

After the crash, he ran from the scene but officers found him up in the tree and arrested him on DUI and hit and run charges.

The person in the car was treated at a hospital and released.

.: My brother left a comment, as sure to be deleted as this report, so I will repost it here for posterity:

He drove a hit and run crash?

That just sounds deadly!

Thank goodness they found him and caught him anyway and arrested him.

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