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Posted By on December 13, 2009

“In Which Humans Have Cell Walls”

.: I found the following passage in a brochure for something called “Holistic Massages”:

Raindrop Technique

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are applied to the feet and spine using light strokes. The oils penetrate cell walls bringing oxygen, stimulating the immune system as well as detoxifying at a cellular level. This treatment assists the body to come back into balance electrically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will feel and smell amazing!

.: I wanted to highlight every absurdity in this paragraph, but the error-to-word ratio was of such density as to render standard bolding techniques completely ineffectual. Instead, I chose to emphasize what I took to be the only non-questionable aspect of the advertisement.

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  1. Teena says:

    humm Cody- Not sure what your issue is. That quote is a description of Raindrop Technique. This is considered an intensive application since the oils are not dilluted. The oils are indeed applied to the feet and along the spine with light strokes and other hand techniques that come from Tibet and from Native American tradition.

    Since it is “Intensive” use of therapeutic quality essential oils is critical- poor quality oils with man-made molecules or other contaminants may do more harm than good. And the practitioner needs to understand the power of the oils and the cautions with which they should be used.

    The molecules of the essential oils are small- they must be lightweight to get through the cell receptor sites. Molecular weight must be less than about 500. Larger molecules- like petrochemical toxins can actually get stuck in receptor sites and cause a degenerative issue. The molecules have to be small for us to even smell them! Heavy ones do not reach our nose for us to get a wiff of ’em.

    Essential oils inside of the plant carry nutrients into the cells and remove waste procucts, oxygen is a plant waste product. Inside of us- if we are using a therapeutic quality oil-they perform in a similar manner. They have an attraction to oxygen and can thus encourage oxygen into the body.

    They are also natural solvents and serve to help loosen those toxins that may exist in our bodies so that they can be eliminated by the body’s cleansing systems— water consumption is always critical to aid this process.

    You are right- You will smell amazing after a Raindrop Session. You will also feel amazing as well. People have experienced some wonderful results with Raindrop- even attitude changes!

    Be Well-Spread Joy!

  2. pero says:

    I fell on the floor, and can’t really type my thoughts, due to laughing a bit too hard.

  3. GaryM says:

    If the oils penetrate your cell walls, you’ll be dead, and you certainly will smell amazing!

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