Plastid Engineering

Posted By on November 3, 2009

“Guest Post at Biofortified”

.: Karl Haro von Mogel and Anastasia Bodnar, the fine folks at the even finer blog Biofortified, have graciously hosted a guest post of mine on the genetic engineering of plastids. Check it out:

Long ago – before you or anyone in your family photo albums were born – a small, unassuming cyanobacterium was busy being engulfed by another cell. The engulfing cell’s intentions were most likely along the lines of “Yum, food!”, but lucky for us the cyanobacterium was not consumed. Instead, it stayed there, establishing a new home inside the confines of its voracious captor. We now know this happy accident was a momentous first step towards a greener, more botanical planet, because our little cyanobacterium was the photosynthetic ancestor to that most remarkable organelle: the chloroplast.

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