Think Doofus

| September 23, 2009

Or “Apple: ‘Bite the big weenie. There, now isn’t that good?’” .: I was the happy owner of a second-generation iPod shuffle for about a year until it stupidly found its way into a load of laundry. I used it mostly in the gym and occasionally in long lines, and it served its function admirably. […]

I Miss You

| September 13, 2009

Or “The Girl of My Dreams”

The Short Shuttle

| September 9, 2009

Or “Another One Rides The Bus” “I can’t move if I can’t close the door,” the bus driver informed us. I had no pressing need to arrive at my next destination, so I voluntarily disembarked. I knew the wait for the next bus wouldn’t be long. In fact, I could see the EE rounding the […]