What’s Up?

| May 27, 2009

Or “The Upside (And Downside) of Up” .: Who invented up? This seems, to me, a crucial question unfairly ignored by nearly every philosopher who ever committed quill to paper (doubtless it is ignored by a fair share of laymen as well). I’ve searched online databases of texts by Plato, Descartes, and Derrida to see […]

Miracle House

| May 19, 2009

Or “Cody does not find a suitable apartment” “I’m a very religious person. I probably should’ve told you that on the phone.” .: So began a three hour conversation with a potential landlord/roommate. Some background: I start grad school in September, but I want to spend the summer here beforehand to get a feel for […]


| May 16, 2009

Or “Cody Walks Across The Stage” .: So yesterday, after four five long years of hard work, lazy work, and everything in between, I finally got that fancy piece of paper that says I’m qualified to say a thing or two about biochemistry. I know that this is one of those times in my life […]


| May 9, 2009

Or “Cody orders a burrito” .: Confirmation bias aside, why does this always happen? First Burrito Assembler applies rice, beans, and meat to tortilla and passes unfinished burrito to Second Burrito Assembler. Second Burrito Assembler: What else? Me: Pico de gallo and corn please. Second Burrito Assembler applies pico de gallo and stares at me, […]