| June 30, 2008

Or “And They Deserved It, Too” Me: “Sometimes I wonder what Granddaddy was like in his twenties and thirties. Like, what did he do differently back then?” Dallas: “You know all those kids in high school you wanted to kick the shit out of?” Me: “Yeah?” Dallas: “He kicked the shit out of them.”

Budapest Waterpark

| June 28, 2008

Or “This Camera Is 100% Waterproof” .: If you haven’t been keeping up with Hunter in Europe, you’re missing out on some quality 40 second videos. This one made me smile:


| June 27, 2008

Or “Three Stories And An Announcement” .: I finally sat my grandparents in front of a camera and got them to tell their story. They’re naturals before the lens, and it doesn’t hurt that my grandfather has the voice for storytelling. It also doesn’t hurt that they’ve told this story hundreds of times before. They […]

Goodbye Guesthouse

| June 6, 2008

Or “See You Later, Elevator” .: Hunter’s in Europe, and he’s making quite a few videos while he’s over there. He just put up another one. Apparently it’s his way of saying goodbye to a guesthouse, but . . . oh, just watch: