| May 27, 2008

Or “It’s A Popular Topic For Musicians, I Guess” .: Muxtape is a nifty website. Its barebones, minimalistic design is simple and efficient, and after fiddling with it for four hours I’m inescapably addicted. Something about the site compels a person to make as many mixtapes as they can. Here are my most recent three. […]


| May 26, 2008

Or “Hobbes Brings Home A Friend” .: Last night I came home to an empty apartment. I had left Hobbes outside earlier in the day and never brought him in. Our front and back doors lack a cat flap, and Hobbes does not respond to any calls or cues, so the only feasible way to […]

Towel Day

| May 25, 2008

Or “That Eminently Useful Piece of Bathroom Cloth” .: It’s that magical time of year again: May 25th, known to hoopies and froods the galaxy wide as Towel Day. A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have. Partly it has great practical value – you can […]

The Rule

| May 23, 2008

Or “Great, Good, Good, Okay, Fine, Meh, Ugh” .: Robin thinks he sees a pattern: albums begin well, and end weakly. The first track on the Beatles’ Abbey Road is “Come Together”, a big winner – the last tracks are “The End” and “Her Majesty”, two unknowns. The Indigo Girls’ eponymous album begins with “Closer […]


| May 20, 2008

Or “Something From Which Someone Could Conceivably Profit” .: Credit: Hunter


| May 19, 2008

Or “A Good Book To Read While The Agarose Gels” .: When it comes to reading novels, I’m biased towards contemporary authors. I admit this is partially due to laziness: it’s easier to identify with characters and settings when they’re imagined by an author who has all the same access to information as I do. […]


| May 17, 2008

Or “What Will Cody Be Doing These Next Three Months?” .: A good many friends of mine are graduating as I type these words. This leaves me in a rather impoverished setting for the remainder of the summer; however, I’m not one for sulking when there’s excitement and adventure to be had just over yonder. […]


| May 11, 2008

Or “Don’t Piss Me Off, Or I’ll Imagine You Pissing Someone Else Off” .: A somewhat recent development: whenever somebody does something that affects me in less than desirable ways, I become understandably hurt, enraged, annoyed, or sad for a few minutes. Then, I imagine how the scenario might appear to an outside observer as […]


| May 2, 2008

Or “Exploiting the Asshole Tendencies of Your Friends” (view larger) .: You might think this cannot possibly work, but I have a standing offer of $100 to drink a six-pack of beer of my choice.