| April 29, 2008

Or “Which Do You Think Falwell Did More Often?” .: My Cell Physiology professor is retiring this semester, and as a treat to his class he wheeled in a bookshelf containing every textbook in his library and let us pinch whatever we wanted. One lucky bastard snagged the 7th edition of Campbell and Reece’s Biology, […]

Scotty Doesn’t Know

| April 28, 2008

Or “Plato’s Cave: Coming This Fall to FOX!” .: When, for the “Favorite TV shows” section of your facebook profile, you write: Television is the epitome of Plato’s cave. It is a shadow machine, a device directly connected with the bottom half of the divided line. Get out of the cave and stop watching TV. […]

Abortion Breast Cancer

| April 13, 2008

Or “Do Spurious Links Between Breast Cancer and Abortion Work? Just Did!” .: I read the opinion page of the Waco Tribune-Herald religiously. I’ve written several letters to editor, usually responding to some clueless creationist’s bogus claims, so I’m always on the lookout for my name (should it appear). Today’s letters to the editor contained […]

Part Nine

| April 7, 2008

Or “Notes From A Moleskin” .: It’s been a while since I promised part nine of my trip to Europe. Dedicated readers will recall I spent the early part of August first in London then in Paris. My meanderings in the former are well-documented; less so for the latter. .: One nice habit I picked […]