Grandfather Poems

| March 9, 2008

Or “Worth a Word Or Two” .: Many people think my grandfather has the voice for sports radio. “What an utter waste of talent,” I respond. He does have a remarkable voice that’s rich in low, dulcet tones, but sports radio is not the place for him. He does, however, have a soft spot for […]

Destination Deaf

| March 7, 2008

Or “Part 3 of a Three-Part Trilogy!” .: Hunter, Alex, and Chris drive back to Waco, leaving Amy, Joe, and me in Austin. Why the others are so eager to return to Waco baffles me. We find ourselves in Austin with time to kill, which is one of the best situations you can find yourself […]

Destination Improv

| March 3, 2008

Or “Continuing Adventures in Austinland – Part 2” .: Friday kills me. I’m one of those people who cannot nap during the day. I can block out light completely, but sound is more difficult to manage. What’s worse, the quieter the sound the more it affects me. A large cafeteria full of yammering kids, clinking […]

Destination Sleep

| March 2, 2008

Or “Why 8:00 a.m. Classes And Roommates Don’t Mix” .: This three-part story begins Thursday evening in my room when I go to bed two hours earlier than usual. My friends and I are leaving for Austin at 11:00 pm on Friday, so I need to be well-rested. Normally my dreams are vivid and remarkable, […]