Link Love

| February 29, 2008

Or “‘E’ for Excellent” .: Both Rick and Anonymoustache bestowed the same honor upon me earlier this week, and I’d be remiss in my duties as a blogger if I didn’t express my gratitude by perpetuating this meme. I must say I don’t read that many other blogs that aren’t already well known, and most […]


| February 29, 2008

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Science Fair

| February 29, 2008

Or “Giving Back to the Community, One Hastily Written Appraisal at a Time” .: Last week a professor emailed me about the upcoming Central Texas Science and Engineering Fair and its need for volunteer judges. Those of us participating were asked to choose which subjects we’d like to judge. As someone who loves molecular biology, […]

Virus Alert

| February 22, 2008

Or “Stray Musing For The Day” .: My professor just emailed me a dozen articles that cover what he’s currently doing in his lab. I’m looking towards the fun weekend I’ll have reading them all. .: One thing I noticed was the steps Gmail took to protect me from any potential threats the pdf files […]

Chem Jokes

| February 20, 2008

Or “Mathematicians Get All the Best Nerd Jokes” .: Killing time during my Cell Fizzzz class the other day, I and the girl next to me gazed upwardly at the periodic table adorning the upper third of the wall. She wrote on her notebook “Xenon: Warrior Princess” and immediately the game was on. .: I […]

Darwinian Theology

| February 18, 2008

Or “More Bad Oxymorons And Other Nonsense” .: I have a bad habit of checking the Trib’s opinion pages for the occasional 300-word polemic against “Darwinism”. I have an equally bad habit of responding to those polemics with my own carefully researched and devastatingly concise rebuttals. Of course my letters to the editor are invariably […]


| February 12, 2008

Or “Sometimes the Aristotelian Mean Is Not” .: On a slightly related note, I’ve seen several guys hit the showers in their underwear. What’s up with that?


| February 10, 2008

Or “No Cyanide In This Post” .: Reviewing my words on this blog, I’ve noticed most of them are negative. Complaints and rants certainly have their place on the internet, but I want to offer something different this time. Instead of bitching about things which irk me, I want to salute the worthier aspects of […]


| February 8, 2008

Or “Obligatory Carl Sagan Quote” “The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.”


| February 5, 2008

Or “Wherein I Shamelessly Borrow From Indexed”