Stem Cells

| October 23, 2007

Or “Point-Slightly-Different-Point” .: My piece on stem cells finally got published in the Lariat today. It’s accompanied by this piece by the president of College Republicans. Here’s my article in almost all its glory: Scientists claim embryonic stem cells may help them understand and treat several serious diseases, but their efforts have been severely hampered […]


| October 20, 2007

Or “propane-1,2,3-triyl trinitrate” .: I just stumbled upon this most remarkable bit of information from Wikipedia: “The CSD500 condom contains a chemical in its teat, called glyceryl trinitrate (GTN), which is absorbed by the skin and causes blood vessels to dilate.” .: Astute readers will notice my alternative title and correctly deduce from their vast […]

12% False

| October 12, 2007

Or “90% Of What I Say Is True, The Other 12% Is Fabricated Nonsense…” .: Oscar recently brought to my attention the copies of my old site available on I went through all the posts available there and cringed at most of them. They are worse than bad — a good chunk of them […]