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Posted By on July 13, 2007

“The Always-Entertaining Maine Always Entertains (When He’s Entertaining)”

.: Back when 90% True wasn’t powered by WordPress, I used to read a hilarious groupblog called Quietwater. I can’t remember exactly how I was introduced to them (was it through G-Fry? Hey wait a minute, he has a new blog now?!). Anyway, one writer was particularly memorable; if you didn’t skip the second title you know which one I mean.

.: I remember reading a post he wrote — back in 2003 or 2004 — at a school-sponsored Writer’s Showcase. It was written as an advice column, and this particular advice warned of not letting your girlfriend go to a video store without you. I have it saved somewhere. It shouldn’t disappear from the internet; maybe I could convince him to repost it?

.: Since then, college intervened and I hadn’t kept up with Maine (or G-Fry, for that matter). When I tried to find his blog a few years later, I was dismayed to find it empty. I quietly forgot about him until just a few minutes ago. Turns out he’s been doing the on-and-off thing for a few months now. Check out his archives: October and November 2006, one post last February, and finally a steady stream of posts in June and July.

.: He’s still damn funny, and if you want proof, check out his journal entry of an entire day.

.: Enjoy.

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