Fun Read

| July 13, 2007

Or “The Always-Entertaining Maine Always Entertains (When He’s Entertaining)” .: Back when 90% True wasn’t powered by WordPress, I used to read a hilarious groupblog called Quietwater. I can’t remember exactly how I was introduced to them (was it through G-Fry? Hey wait a minute, he has a new blog now?!). Anyway, one writer was […]

Movie Star

| July 6, 2007

Or “My Stunning Acting Debut” .: I helped my friend Kyle make a video for his film class last semester. I forgot almost all of the context, but that only makes the video more exciting and enjoyable. Actually it kind of sucks, but it’s only 1:46 long, so it can’t suck that much. Nonetheless, here […]

Sam Chen Once More

| July 6, 2007

Or “I Just Love Making Posts About Sam Chen*” .: Sam Chen said something again. Read this post over at Overwhelming Evidence. I don’t know for sure if the poster is a parodist or a real creationist (Russell’s Law, remember?), but that hardly matters. I want to focus on what Chen, a bona fide creationist, […]

Sam Chen Again

| July 3, 2007

Or “90% True Announces 2007 Samuel Chen Award for Scientific Do-Nothingness” .: It’s been awhile since I picked on our dear friend Sam Chen, of Overwhelming Evidence fame. Two reasons for this: 1) I’ve been doing other things (as evidenced by the general lack of posts) and 2) it’s too easy. How easy? Well, for […]