Defending Science

| April 30, 2007

Or “Remember That Guy In My Political Science Class?” .: You do remember him, right? It was only two posts ago, so it should be fresh in your memory. Well, he said a few more silly things today. .: Today (the last day of class) we covered various court cases on religious expression in public […]

Simon Conway Morris

| April 24, 2007

Or “Evolution and the Song of Creation” .: I just returned from a lecture given by Simon Conway Morris called, “Darwin’s Compass: How Evolution Discovers the Song of Creation.” I read about it in today’s Lariat, and the fliers in the science building certainly piqued my interest: ABSTRACT: Is evolution a random, open-ended process without […]

Open Letter

| April 13, 2007

Or “A Letter Written to One Person, for the Benefit of All” Dear Guy in my Political Science Class, .: I understand you’re a conservative; you made that perfectly clear on the first day of class. Your blog even boasts proudly of this fact in its title, Too Conservative. I understand that you have disagreements […]


| April 9, 2007

Or “Things I Can Never Remember” .: “Is the longer cord for the fan or the light?” .: “Is reduction the gaining of electrons or the loss?” .: “Is the gas cap on the left side or the right?” .: “Do I add the acid first or the water?” .: “i.e. or e.g.?” .: “Does […]


| April 7, 2007

Or “Another Exciting Adventure with Amy and Cody!” .: I drove down to Houston for this Easter break. I didn’t want to stay with my dad or my grandparents, so I called up Amy and invited myself to her place. I felt comfortable doing this because she semi-promised that she would consider visiting me in […]

Birds, Bees & Biochemistry*

| April 1, 2007

Or “When Science, Internet, and Dick Jokes Collide” .: Normally I don’t like simply linking to something without offering even a smattering of commentary, but this headline from reddit was just too good to pass up: Birds do it; bees do it; even {trans-1,4-Bis[(4-pyridyl)ethenyl]benzene}(2,2′-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) Complexes and β-Cyclodextrin do it. *Okay, it was published in Inorganic […]