Spring Break

Posted By on March 12, 2007

“Vernal Rest”

.: I’m staying with my brother and grandparents for spring break. Several little thoughts and events have occurred since Saturday, among them:

  • Marioushia, Mariaosa, Mariosha Oscar’s Russian friend thinks my blog lacks those all-important personal stories, containing instead too much geek stuff. Well, this post should show her. My guess is that it’ll show her why I opt for geek stuff.
  • My friend Oscar met my friend Geoff, and Geoff’s friend Chris met Oscar’s friend Bryant. My brother was also there. Many things were said, most of those things were heard, and I wasted $6 at a parking garage.
  • If I ever get around to making a movie, I want one of the scenes to be a neurotic guy and a normal girl out on a first date at a fast food restaurant. The cashier says, “For here or to go?” and at the same time the guy responds “For here” while the girl says “To go” — and instantly the next scene is the guy explaining to his friend, “It just wasn’t going to work.”
  • Wikivandalism, when done right, can be hilarious.
  • Late one night, about a week or so ago, I struck a car seat in the middle of the road. I don’t mean the kind of car seat you put a baby in; I mean a literal seat from a car — metal parts and everything — in the middle of the lane. It did some pretty nasty damage to the front of my car, including a small dent to the radiator. Naturally, people want to know why I hit it. I think my response from now on will be, “Well, I was driving 85 mph so I could get home faster, my headlights were off so I could conserve battery power, and while I was on the phone asking my brother which song I should play on the iPod I had in my hand, I saw a car seat in the middle of the road and thought to myself, ‘Eh, might as well.'” For some people, that explanation is far more believable than an explanation that contains a concept as bizarre as an accident.

.: My sister should be in town any minute now. Maybe I’ll tell her all the geeky stuff I was going to put into this post.

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5 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. Marusia says:

    aw i wish i’d hung out with you guys last night, though the metropolitain museum exhibition was quite nice, i gotta say. a bit too much though, especially with the horrible headache i was having.
    do you guys plan on hanging out later this week? let me know, i’d love to join! (if you want me too, of course). i’m trying to get myself to do stuff.
    and i’m sorry i said something about your writing geeky/nerdy things in your blog, you should totally keep writing what feels good. besides, it does seem to be a part of your life anyway, right? also, i guess if you were just going to write about your personal life, you’d get a livejournal (eee, like me, i’m a loser ^.^).

  2. Oscar B. says:

    Do you remember the scene in “Splash” where the mermaid pronounced her real name in the electronics dept. in a Bloomingdales. That’s what happens when Maria says her real name.

  3. pero says:

    Just think… if you had managed to get the car up to 88 MPH before you reached the car seat – you never would have hit it.

    (I also wanted to mention this: my buddy Tim typically drives while reading a map, drinking coffee- talking on the phone and trying to find songs like “OH YEAH” by YELLOW among the 4856 songs on my iPod which was borrowed from me without my knowledge) – :\

  4. dan c says:

    you write quite well, even when attempting to circumvent more mundane topics like this entry. Keep it up!

    May i suggest a 3 week to monthly addition on your daily life. Your updates will no doubt be quite interesting!

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