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Posted By on March 18, 2007

“Things That Make You Go M’Hay!”

.: My sister’s textbook, Molecular Biology of the Gene, 5th edition, sports this sexy cover:

Molecular Biology of the Gene, 5th Edition

.: Those of you who are biologically-inclined will have to squint to see what’s wrong, since this was the largest picture I could find. What you can clearly see, though, should be enough: an uncoiled chromosome . . . with ribosomes attached to it . . . making proteins.

.: Yikes.

.: By the way, that Watson guy on the cover? He’s the one on the left.

.: In an unrelated science topic, my sister pointed me to the Calbiochem Interactive Signaling Pathways website. There’s lots of geeky stuff there, like this pathway poster for Alzheimer’s Disease:

Alzheimer’s Disease Interactive Pathway

.: Now, that picture’s cool enough, but if you go to the website, they will actually send you a free poster! Not just for the Alzheimer’s Disease pathway, but for lots of other things too:

AKT/Protein Kinase B
Alzheimer’s Disease
Checkpoint Signaling and DNA Repair
Cytokine Network
GSK-3 Signaling
MAPK Family
Nitric Oxide
PKA Activation
Protein Kinase
Protein Tyrosine Kinase Related Pathways

Protein Kinase C

.: Collect them all!

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4 Responses to “Science Stuff”

  1. Celia says:

    Oh I have. You should come to the house some time and see how I’ve decorated my walls. In fact, I’ve got one placed next to the toliet so that perhaps I may learn what it actually says.

  2. PZ Myers says:

    There isn’t enough resolution for me to tell, but are you sure it’s a mistake? It looks more like a cartoon of transcription to me, where the big proteins are RNA polymerase spinning out RNA strands, not ribosomes making proteins.

  3. BTphar says:

    it also looks more like rna polymerase for me……

  4. BoRoss says:

    The cover has the genome with RNA Polymerase complexes transcribing mRNA’s from 6 different genes.

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