Brain Pills

| March 26, 2007

Or “A Quote Good Enough To Share Once More” “These are so I don’t kill myself. These are so I don’t kill you. And these . . . well, long story short, let’s just say I can’t vote.” – Oscar, explaining his medication to me

Capillary Action

| March 22, 2007

Or “Science For Dummies” .: From Wikipedia: Capillary action, capillarity, or capillary motion is the ability of a substance (the standard reference is to a tube in plants but can be seen readily with porous paper) to draw a substance up against gravity. It occurs when the adhesive intermolecular forces between the liquid and a […]

Science Stuff

| March 18, 2007

Or “Things That Make You Go M’Hay!” .: My sister’s textbook, Molecular Biology of the Gene, 5th edition, sports this sexy cover: .: Those of you who are biologically-inclined will have to squint to see what’s wrong, since this was the largest picture I could find. What you can clearly see, though, should be enough: […]

Spring Break

| March 12, 2007

Or “Vernal Rest” .: I’m staying with my brother and grandparents for spring break. Several little thoughts and events have occurred since Saturday, among them: Marioushia, Mariaosa, Mariosha Oscar’s Russian friend thinks my blog lacks those all-important personal stories, containing instead too much geek stuff. Well, this post should show her. My guess is that […]