First Request

Posted By on February 15, 2007

“Things That Ben Likes”

.: Excepting Oscar’s comment, I’m following through on my offer to give the people what they want. As it turns out, Ben specifically requested for things that he liked. I happen to know Ben, and so by extension I know what he likes. I therefore present to you, dear reader, the following pictographic list of things Ben likes:


.: Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, consists of two carbons, five carbon-bonded hydrogens, and a hydroxyl (-OH) group. In organic chemistry, “alcohol” refers to any compound with a hydroxyl group attached to a carbon in an alkyl group, but most people refer to ethanol specifically when they talk about alcohol. As it happens, Ben really likes ethanol.

Klein Stein

Klein Steins
.: Ben likes his liquids confined “within” non-orientable surfaces like this Klein Stein. The Klein Stein is a slightly modified Klein bottle, which is an object that interests topologists because of its amazing properties (such as having only one side and no edges). Ben likes math, and he likes drinking, so I’m including this on the list for those two reasons alone.


.: Ben likes music, and he can also play the piano. One of the songs he knows how to play is Chopin’s Military Polonaise. Astute readers will have noticed by now that the image above is not the sheet music to the A major polonaise Op. 40 No. 1 “Military,” but belongs rather to the A-flat major polonaise Op. 53 “Heroic.” This discrepancy can be explained by my utter failure to find free online sheet music to the former, and I wasn’t about to go to the university library to scan the correct one.


.: Ben is your regular heterosexual male. He, like many men his age, has a personal fondness for these curious secondary sex organs of females. Those of you with breasts who know Ben will have undoubtedly experienced his leering at them, although at the time you were probably — and, I should add, inexplicably — charmed by this act. I don’t know how he does it either.

.: That’s about everything you need to know about Ben’s likes. If you are a female reading this and for some reason you have suddenly developed an interest in Ben, he can be reached by Internet.

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  1. Oscar B. says:

    the tapping it comment was referring to the spinal tap story in the ER adventures

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