Science Fair

| February 28, 2007

Or “Isn’t This What Science Is All About?” .: Two weeks ago my molecular genetics professor, Dr. Chris Kearney, made an announcement in class about a local elementary school teacher needing volunteers to judge at the school’s science fair. My friend Larry and I decided we were up for it, and today we woke up […]


| February 25, 2007

Or “Other People Don’t Hate My Writing” .: I submitted my piece on Acid/Base Titrations to the Science Creative Quarterly and found out today that they published it two days ago. .: The SCQ is a fun place to browse, so I suggest you go read some of the other pieces there, like these: My […]

Russell’s Law

| February 20, 2007

Or “It Is Impossible To Distinguish A Creationist From A Parody Of A Creationist” .: In my last post I linked to what I thought was a clever parody of creationist thinking, Argument by technobabble? I’m still certain the author is a crafty prankster, especially after reading this interesting analysis of the author’s name. .: […]


| February 16, 2007

Or “They Might Not Actually Delete It” .: Over at Uncommon Descent for Kids! a contributor named HaEris posted this delightful parody(?) which I’m reposting, since it will most likely be deleted soon. It’s a response to this wonderful post by Ian Musgrave at The Panda’s Thumb about Sea Squirts and Irreducibly Complex systems. Argument […]

First Request

| February 15, 2007

Or “Things That Ben Likes” .: Excepting Oscar’s comment, I’m following through on my offer to give the people what they want. As it turns out, Ben specifically requested for things that he liked. I happen to know Ben, and so by extension I know what he likes. I therefore present to you, dear reader, […]

Bouncy Songs

| February 13, 2007

“Happy, Bouncy Songs To Which You Can Bounce Happily”

.: I’m currently putting together a mix album of songs, and like all of my mixtapes I want to completely fill it to the 80 minute capacity. So far I have 49 minutes of music, so that means I need 31 minutes of recommendations from you!

.: Here are a few YouTube videos I’ve found of the songs I have so far:

Scientific Data

| February 13, 2007

Or “Maybe It’s Just My Monitor” .: Take a look at this shit: .: The best part is when I’m going to have to print this and turn it in.


| February 12, 2007

Or “Give The People What They Want” .: Oscar started a blag, and he wants to know what you, kind reader, think he should blog about. I commented that he should post about Human Interactions, then it dawned on me that I have a blog of my own — and in fact it is this […]