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“The Inherent Backwardness of Remakes”

.: Why do people release bad covers of good songs? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to switch it around? I understand that it’s easier to release a terrible rendition of something that was once great, but think of what we could have instead. Think as well of the many, many horrible remakes of once-decent movies.

.: I’d like to see a great director take an interesting premise that was ruined by a lesser director and turn it into something remarkable. Saw had a pretty good premise, no? A decent director could have gone down several different avenues and made an infinitely better film.

.: Or maybe the movies and songs don’t have to be bad, per se, just not perfect. I can think of one good example: imagine this song by Oingo Boingo with different vocals. I can’t think of anyone who could do better, but I do think it’s a song that’s just waiting to be covered.

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  1. [ juan ] says:

    True. I wonder what that Oingo Boingo song would sound like if sung by a woman.

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