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“I Should’ve Done These Earlier”

.: I’m a junior, and I’m just now taking Chem-lab. Just to give you a proper perspective on how tardy I am, most people take Chem-lab in conjunction with Chem II, which they also take their second semester of their freshman year. This is my sixth semester at Baylor.

.: I’m also just now taking Calculus II, which happens to be the last math class I’ll ever have. My plan was to take it five semesters after taking Calculus I so that I would thoroughly forget everything I learned, but so far the class seems to be making sense, so I guess my plan failed.

.: I’m in O-Chem II now, which I suppose isn’t too late. I survived a semester with the worst only-teaches-and-doesn’t-do-research professor ever, and my working knowledge of o-chem doesn’t seem to be too bad. Plus, I just bought some bitchin’ o-chem flash cards, so I’m pretty much set.

.: I’m also in Political Science [sic] 2301 – Constitutional Development (a.k.a. Yay America! 101), but I don’t feel so bad about taking this required class so late, since my sister took it her second senior year.

.: And finally that leaves Molecular Genetics and Molecular Genetics Lab, by far one of the coolest classes I’ll ever take. How do I know? I get to create terrible affronts to nature and destroy precious complex cellular machinery on a weekly basis, all with the non-zero possibility that I might horribly mutate the DNA of myself and several innocent bystanders. What more could a student ask for?

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  1. parsa says:

    ya. im definitely going to need to get some insight from you on which classes to take, and when to start taking them. leave me a message on facebook or something.

  2. Jill C says:

    Which prof did you have for OChem I? I’m taking it next semester and will need all the help I can get…later!

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