Tangled Bank #72

| January 31, 2007

Or “Science and Medicine, Broadly Defined” .: The 72th edition of Tangled Bank is up at Ouroboros now. This humble blogger’s post on biolistics was included, as was this fascinating post on rat sperm clumps. Go check it out (the whole thing, not just the rat sperm).

Experiment I

| January 27, 2007

Or “Introduction to Acid/Base Titration” A. INTRODUCTION .: This experiment consists of two parts. The first is designed so that you may screw up and not face any further consequences. The second requires your utmost diligence, as the products from this experiment will serve as the basis of every other experiment for the rest of […]

Case Studies

| January 26, 2007

Or “The Man Who Mistook a Hat for His Wife” Credits: Oscar, concept; Jennifer, execution


| January 22, 2007

Or “The Inherent Backwardness of Remakes” .: Why do people release bad covers of good songs? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to switch it around? I understand that it’s easier to release a terrible rendition of something that was once great, but think of what we could have instead. Think as well of the […]


| January 17, 2007

Or “Maybe We Could Just Shoot It?” .: Suppose you’re a geneticist, and you discover a gene responsible for a few nifty traits. Naturally, your inherent disrespect for the purity of nature will compel you to try to incorporate that gene into as many different organisms as possible. For single-celled organisms like bacteria, this can […]


| January 11, 2007

Or “I Should’ve Done These Earlier” .: I’m a junior, and I’m just now taking Chem-lab. Just to give you a proper perspective on how tardy I am, most people take Chem-lab in conjunction with Chem II, which they also take their second semester of their freshman year. This is my sixth semester at Baylor. […]

Search Strings

| January 5, 2007

Or “They Probably Didn’t Find What They Were Looking For” .: Every now and then, in the absence of any original ideas or interesting insights, I find myself wanting to write about something. In such cases, I usually will implement a gimmick of some sort and pretend like that’s a respectable thing to do. And […]

Argumentative Paper

| January 4, 2007

Or “You Should Give Me an A on This Paper” .: I recently downloaded all my emails from gmail, and I rediscovered one of the first emails I sent. It was the rough draft of an essay I wrote my freshman year. Since last semester was the first semester I ever received an A in […]

First Time

| January 4, 2007

Or “The Wrinkles Will Come Soon” .: I did my semi-annual visit to my favorite elementary school teacher today, and something happened that startled me. I brought my third grade report card to show my teacher, having recently found it. One of her students asked how old it was. I said it was from 1994, […]