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“From the Annoyance Files”

.: Over the past few weeks I struggled to transfer my website to a new host, and only recently I succeeded. In fact, this post exists pretty much to tell you that I’ve succeeded in transferring 90% True. It wasn’t easy.

.: Most of the problems were simply tedious setbacks whose solutions involved long amounts of time and nothing else, but there was one point in the process that I’d like to share. I had looked at the WHOIS data for 90% True and found that my administrative contact was some guy named Chris Mullins. This information was necessary since, in order to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another, a confirmation email is sent to the administrative contact. I had called Chris earlier about another problem (there were several) and he informed me that he no longer worked as the administrative contact.

.: This wasn’t too big of a problem. I was told I could simply update my WHOIS information from my old host’s control panel, so I logged into my account and clicked on the “Manage Domain” tab expecting to find a “request administrative contact change” form. This was what greeted me:

There was an error accessing the requested
Domain. If you need further assistance, Please
contact your Administrator.

  • Invalid client IP:


.: On the grand scale of irritability this incident ranks slightly lower than “Forgetting toothbrush but remembering toothpaste,” and I admit I was amused the impenetrable irony of it all. Still, I started this process at the end of November, and only now have I completely transferred everything.

.: There are of course a few differences between the new 90% True and the old 90% True, chief among them the new color for links and the position of the 90% True text at the top of the page. Actually, that’s pretty much it. I kinda like the blue links. If you don’t like them, I’ll change ’em back to orange, but as it is I think I’m going to keep them this way.

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