Regional Conflicts

| December 31, 2006

Or “You Must Live In North America To Read This Post” .: My dad asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas, and she sent him a list of television documentaries — Cosmos, The Blue Planet, and Life on Earth. Yesterday, she tried watching the first episode of Life on Earth only to meet an […]

One More P.I.G.

| December 22, 2006

Or “I Can’t Believe I Missed This One The First Time” .: View larger here

Conversational Interests

| December 19, 2006

Or “Say, That Reminds Me Of…” .: If you spend a good portion of your time around biochemists or any similarly nerdy demographic, you will know what I’m talking about: the tendency for the nerdy person to mention, in a completely unrelated conversation, some interesting tidbit or factoid in their area of specialty. .: I […]


| December 19, 2006

Or “Two New Ideas for Improv Games” .: It’s 12:55 in the morning, and I’m tired. I’ve tried to sleep for the past two hours but to no avail. I’m too disoriented to read a book, so I’ve decided to share with you two new improv games I developed with Susan and Dallas a few […]


| December 15, 2006

Or “Mock the Belief, Respect the Believer” Alternative title: “Cody Makes a Mountain out of a Molehill” .: Recently I’ve been having fun in the photos section of the Facebook group I Wish I Were Your Derivative So I Could Lie Tangent To Your Curves!. As is evident from the group’s name, the pictures are […]


| December 14, 2006

Or “‘Home’ For the Holidays” .: Not too long ago I used to have the pleasant fortune of deciding from among three different houses where to stay the night. Two of the houses were located slightly north of Houston and the third residence lay precisely in the center of New Braunfels. One of the houses […]


| December 13, 2006

Or “From the Annoyance Files” .: Over the past few weeks I struggled to transfer my website to a new host, and only recently I succeeded. In fact, this post exists pretty much to tell you that I’ve succeeded in transferring 90% True. It wasn’t easy. .: Most of the problems were simply tedious setbacks […]