More P.I.G.

| November 19, 2006

Or “More Information on the Politically Incorrect Guide Series” .: Some of you may recall my entry on the new Politically Incorrect Guides. Well, I’ve recently come across some more Politically Incorrect Guide goodness. Enjoy.


| November 14, 2006

Or “Photographic Representations of Things That Once Were” .: The following are pictures I’ve taken over the past year which never made it to this site. I figured I’d pick a few that I’ve enjoyed and write a bit of context for your benefit. In no particular order… Date: 9/16/2006 (View larger) .: This isn’t […]

Quick Rundown

| November 9, 2006

Or “Some Things I Think You Should Know” .: 90% True has been very buggy over the last couple of weeks, but it seems to have settled down recently. I’m almost completely certain my host, Authentic Hosting, has forgotten about me, since they haven’t responded to a single request from me to have my CC […]