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Posted By on October 2, 2006

“Murphy’s Law: A Corollary”

“If something desperately needs to go right, it will do so immediately after the point at which it becomes irrelevant.”

.: I lost my wallet on Saturday, searched for it on Sunday, and gave up looking for it on Monday. I called my granddad to have him cancel my debit card and reorder a new one, then I called my dad to cancel the gas card. Not one hour later, my granddad called with news that a police officer is holding my wallet and wanting to know when I can pick it up. Unfortunately, my granddad already canceled the debit card, and my father already canceled the gas card.

.: When I picked up the wallet, the first thing I noticed was the empty space where my $12 used to be. In fact, everything I had in the main pocket of the wallet (the area where the money goes) was missing, with the exception of a bill for 10 euros. All in all, I lost several denominations of worthless Iraqi money, a list of Joseph Campbell quotations, a small sushi cafe menu written in Engrish, a picture of a squirrel drawn by a friend from highschool, and an English essay I wrote back in 11th grade over the Anne Tyler short story, “Teenage Wasteland.”

.: I’m a little annoyed right now, but mostly relieved. In other news, the verdict has been spoken on my little ethical quandary that I guest posted a while back:

Taking money from someone’s bank account without consent? I’m neither a lawyer nor an accountant. Perhaps one day your co-worker’s cellmate will be able to sort this out.

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  1. Dallas says:

    Gimme back my money!

  2. junias says:

    I’m convinced that you actually carry a purse, and not a wallet due to the amount of stuff you apparently carry in it. Either that, or there is a distinct outline in probably the right hand back pocket of each pair of jeans you own. Or you constantly wear that black and brown jacket in the uppermost image.

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