| October 25, 2006

Or I Should Probably Go See A Doctor .: Recently I’ve developed a twitch. It’s a bastard of a thing, as it’s unpredictable and very noticeable. There are basically four varieties I’ve noticed: 1.) my right shoulder will twitch up towards my cheek 2.) my cheek will twitch down towards my right shoulder 3.) my […]

Novel Words

| October 17, 2006

Or “These May or May Not Be Entirely My Own” Mico n.) Residue from an aged painted surface, detected most easily by expensive clothing of complementary coloring. Krum v.) To discover a hidden piece of gum on the underside of a desk with one’s knee. Alpine n.) A small tent erected in the crotch of […]

Newish Words

| October 11, 2006

Or “I’ve Added a New Category Specifically for Words” Altair n.) A hypothetical angle1 that, when present in the hinge of a car door, allows for ease of entry and exit while simultaneously preventing any potentially damaging contact with neighboring vehicles. Exact value unknown; expressed as a range of probabilities and denoted by uppercase lamda, […]

Lost & Found

| October 2, 2006

Or “Murphy’s Law: A Corollary” “If something desperately needs to go right, it will do so immediately after the point at which it becomes irrelevant.” .: I lost my wallet on Saturday, searched for it on Sunday, and gave up looking for it on Monday. I called my granddad to have him cancel my debit […]