End of Summer

Posted By on August 8, 2006

“Technically, It’s More Like The Middle Of Summer”

.: It’s my last week of work. It’s also my last week in my apartment. The furniture guys will remove my table, bed, and three chairs on the 14th, and I will move out on the 15th. School starts on the 21st, and I’ll probably have my first quiz around the beginning of September.

.: I don’t have much to say, and I’ll understand if you choose to stop reading somewhere around the middle of this paragraph. Here are some things that happened to me, but I must warn you they are of interest only to myself:

:-: Susan was on family vacation for the past week. I called her phone last Wednesday to talk to her; she didn’t answer. I called her again the next day; she still didn’t answer. I called her on Friday; again, she didn’t answer. By Saturday the paranoia in my voice message was clearly evident, or at least that’s what Susan told me on Monday when I finally got to talk to her. I thought something terrible had happened, and it turns out something terrible did: she had left her phone plugged in at home.

:-: A coworker mentioned that her grandfather used dowsing to find water pipes. I told her that dowsing doesn’t work, but she didn’t believe me. She had done it herself, and she had felt the copper dowsing rod move in her hand. There was no way I could convince her that dowsing was nothing more than a psychological effect. “I’m sorry,” I told her, “but I don’t accept anecdotal evidence.” Based on this statment her next question was, “So do you not believe in God?” My answer clearly disappointed her. She expounded: “I used to be like you. I hated when people would tell me, ‘Oh, it’s just a matter of faith.’ Then I got into a car wreck which I should not have survived. How do you explain that?” I repeated my stance on anecdotal evidence, and I think from there we both agreed on a mutual “We’ll see.”

:-: Another coworker of mine didn’t know what the black plague was, by which I mean she had never heard of the phrase. Another coworker of mine thought she knew what it was, but she was even more mistaken. I feel I should explain to my less knowledgable readers who went through the same public school system as my coworker that the black plague had nothing to do with race.

:-: This is hilarious. I’m buying the t-shirt.

:-: So is this. And yes, I realize the contradiction between this and the previous link.

:-: I have several ideas for new word definitions, and I’m thinking about making a separate page for them and updating them there. We’ll see how that works out.

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  1. Robin Z says:

    Yeah, a word-definition page would be interesting.

    Incidentally, how about a Black Death: European Tour shirt?

  2. supriya says:

    Very good idea you’ve shared here, from here I can be a very valuable new experience.

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