| August 28, 2006

Or “A Psychic Fucks Up Big Time” .: Watch this if you want to hate life and everything great in the universe. .: This is one of those things where at first I think, “Haha, what a wonderful treat for those of us in the reality-based community!” But I never quite make it that far, […]


| August 27, 2006

Or “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Factually Incorrect Guides” .: Regnery publishing has a line of Politically Incorrect Guides to any particular issue that happens to cross them the wrong way. From the two I have read, I feel safe in declaring the whole series a waste of everybody’s time, especially the poor people at […]


| August 22, 2006

Or Return To Ugly .: My site was hacked; as near as I could tell, they exploited a weekness in the particular custom theme I was using, so I’ve returned to the noxious grey-bland design for the time being fixed the problem and everything’s okay. .: In other news, class started yesterday, and I’ve got […]

Guest Post

| August 18, 2006

Or “A Post That Just Wasn’t Good Enough For My Own Blog” .: I guest posted at Gigi’s today. Comment there, if you can tolerate xanga.

Newest Words

| August 15, 2006

Or “You Should Definitely Use These Words Too” Borger n.) An item found in the likeliest location only after searching every possible place. Borg v.) To search everywhere but the likeliest location. I wasted all afternoon borging for my keys. Arp n.) A type of argument that occurs only after fifty years of marriage. v.) […]


| August 12, 2006

Fig. 1. Scooter.

Crowd Chant

| August 12, 2006

Or “Four Guys, A Song, And A Microphone” .: Click here.

Newer Words

| August 10, 2006

Or “An Updated List of Words You Should Use” Ballinger 1. n.) A fallacious or fraudulent paper written on a particularly contentious issue that exists solely for pundits and journalists to cite as an authoritative source. Reading the paper is generally considered superfluous. 2. v.) To publish a fallacious paper on a contentious topic with […]

End of Summer

| August 8, 2006

Or “Technically, It’s More Like The Middle Of Summer” .: It’s my last week of work. It’s also my last week in my apartment. The furniture guys will remove my table, bed, and three chairs on the 14th, and I will move out on the 15th. School starts on the 21st, and I’ll probably have […]

New Words

| August 4, 2006

Or “Words for Common Items, Events, or Descriptors” .: Douglas Adams and John Lloyd published a book titled “The Deeper Meaning of Liff” wherein they had definitions for words that they felt needed to exist. For instance, a haxby (n.) is “any gardening implement found in a potting-shed whose exact purpose is unclear.” The words […]