| July 27, 2006

Or “Corporate Service Announcement” .: A note to all unscrupulous businesses: it would be in your best interests to not make fraudulent charges on someone’s debit card if they happen to work in a bank’s debit card department. We know your tricks. .: That is all.

Science Fair

| July 25, 2006

Or “Isn’t This What Science Is All About?” .: One of the best ways for me to learn scientific concepts is to read about the actual experiments performed that brought to light the relevant facts in the first place (I suppose the best way to learn it is to actually do the experiments myself — […]

Noteworthy Links

| July 24, 2006

Or “The Top 5e-20% of the Internet” .: Astute readers will have noticed that I have not updated this blog very often during its latter half of existence. If you are one of those readers, you might also have wondered what I devote my time towards in lieu of blogging. My answer is a long […]

New Blog

| July 22, 2006

Or “My Battle With Spam” .: Lately my blog has been under attack. I receive on average 1,000 comment spams every 5 hours or so. It’s a pain in the ass to clean up, and even more so if people try to comment. What ends up happening is I simply delete everything, because there’s just […]