Reality Bias

| June 17, 2006

Or “I’m A Liberal Because I Support Science” .: If all it takes to be a liberal is to support science, then color me red. .: Yesterday was my Grandparent’s 55th anniversary and most of the family joined them for dinner, myself included. Among others present was my uncle, a rather staunch supporter of his […]

Reader Challenge

| June 14, 2006

Or “My Most Difficult Assignment Yet” .: This will be a real quick post. My creative juices are flowing, but they’ve become thick and coagulated, and that’s really hard on my system. That’s why I’m asking you, reader, to do to things: 1.) I want you to think of a genre and the most hackneyed, […]

Newer Post

| June 12, 2006

Or “This Post Is Newer Than Every Post That Preceeds It” .: I had a real long post prepared about my trip to BodyWorlds3 last Thursday, but the internet goblins came and stole my post and won’t give it back. Ah well; that’s what I get for not saving. I had lots to say, too. […]