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Posted By on May 1, 2006

“The Art of Forgetting to Focus The Lens Every Other Scene”

.: Remember that music video I posted a while back? Well, I went ahead and made my own version for one of my classes. Click on the picture* to enjoy:


.: Yeah. I kinda ran out of ideas near the end. I also cut quite a bit from the song so I wouldn’t have to film as much. See if you can tell where edits were made!

*Picture does not exist . . . yet. Expect this to be corrected sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Zane says:

    The original video for “Close (To The Edit)” was about a breaking down of archaic musical methods in destructive revelry, favoring instead a thriving youth culture driven demand for music made with the machines of our modern day. The Art of Noise, apparently, implied that the music they made could only be conceived in destruction.

    This, obviously, was made for shits and giggles.

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