Stupid Cody

| May 29, 2006

Or “Why Contentment Is Troublesome” .: It takes quite a bit of effort to motivate me into action by way of irritation. That is, if something bothers me, I usually let it continue bothering me since the amount of effort I must expend to rectify the situation is most likely at a level sufficiently high […]

Surprise Visit

| May 28, 2006

Or “Oh No, It’s Oscar!” .: At about 11:00 am I was awoken by the shrill crescendo of Ravel’s Bolero, rendered into the wildly inappropriate medium of 8-bit ringtones. It was a phonecall from Gigi, and she was in Houston alongside Oscar. “Where are you?” she wanted to know, presumably because she wanted to visit […]

Promise Broken

| May 27, 2006

Or “On The Other Hand, I Did Read Quite A Bit” .: So I didn’t post every day like I said I would. Sorry about that. I have a pretty good excuse, though: I didn’t have internet access. It’s a long story (in that it spans the course of several days), but it can be […]

New Apartment

| May 16, 2006

Or “If Only I Had A Wacky Roommate To Go With” .: I just moved into my apartment today. It’s a place I could see myself living in for most of my life, although that’s not going to happen. I don’t have internet yet, so I’m using the computer room at the apartment complex (which […]

Promise Kept

| May 14, 2006

Or “Why Did I Promise To Update Every Day? Fig. 1. This was my old dorm room during my freshman year. The mattress is on the floor because I don’t like wobbly bunk beds. .: I’m getting an apartment for myself this summer. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever actually lived alone; or, to […]

Hello There

| May 13, 2006

Or “The Triumphant Return of Summer” Fig. 1. This is the cutest goddamn thing ever. .: School’s over. I didn’t do so well this time. I blame the usual mélange of culprits: the government, aliens, and those elusive phlogistons. I’ve since learned not to trust anything volatile. .: I’m going to try to update my […]

Music Video

| May 1, 2006

Or “The Art of Forgetting to Focus The Lens Every Other Scene” .: Remember that music video I posted a while back? Well, I went ahead and made my own version for one of my classes. Click on the picture* to enjoy: Clicky .: Yeah. I kinda ran out of ideas near the end. I […]