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Posted By on April 28, 2006

“Intelligent Design Is Whatever We Say It Is, And We Don’t Agree”*

.: So PZ Myers is in a bit of trouble over at Pharyngula for saying he would deny tenure to anyone who sought to teach intelligent design as science. DaveScot, over at William Dembski’s blog Uncommon Descent offers this curious bit of logic for why Myer’s university should censure him:

. . . [D]iscriminating against religious belief in employment is the same as discriminating against color. PZ Myers in his capacity as a University of Minnesota employee has declared the he will not promote people who believe ID is science. Since ID is a religion according to Kitzmiller[link] and ID teaches that it is a belief based upon science, Myers is announcing that the University of Minnesota will not promote certain people due to their religious beliefs. In the eyes of the Equal Employment Opportunity law this is the same as discriminating against sex, color, race, or national origin as they are all equally protected by the act. So when considering Myers’ representation of the University of Minnesota, if for some reason discriminating against ID religion doesn’t offend you, pretend he said the University of Minnesota won’t promote black poeple or women because, being black or female, they might have an agenda that will interfere with their performance on the job.

.: In this classic case of someone having their cake and eating it too, the most ridiculous aspect of it to me is DaveScot’s claim that part of ID’s religious beliefs is that it is based on science, and is therefore scientific. Yeah, okay. What other religions can I think of that claim to be based on science? I can list about two. Surely anyone who truly believes that such ideas are scientifically based should be allowed to teach them in the relevant science classrooms in tenured positions?

EDIT: I missed this line from an earlier post by “scordova”:

“Based on news reports I’ve read and studies such as those by Steve Verhey, presently, I estimate 1/4 to 1/3 of biology freshman accept ID.”

Maybe the studies should have asked biology seniors?

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