Unfounded Dissent

| April 28, 2006

Or “Intelligent Design Is Whatever We Say It Is, And We Don’t Agree”* .: So PZ Myers is in a bit of trouble over at Pharyngula for saying he would deny tenure to anyone who sought to teach intelligent design as science. DaveScot, over at William Dembski’s blog Uncommon Descent offers this curious bit of […]

Intelligence Denied

| April 21, 2006

.: Last Wednesday, the Baylor Lariat published an article called In The Beginning: Baylor not immune to scholarly feud over origin of life. In the past, Baylor had established an Intelligent Design research center, the first of its kind at a university. It was called the Michael Polanyi Center, and it didn’t last very long.


| April 10, 2006

Or “This Is Not Part II of Spring Break” [Note: Due to unbearable workloads, Part II of Spring Break Shenanigans will not be posted until Wednesday evening. Please accept this post of bullet points as a temporary substitute] I enjoy stop motion music videos. Particularly ones by Peter Gabriel. But I also enjoy stop motion […]

Spring Break: Part 1

| April 2, 2006

Or “Nobody Ever Reads The First Title Up There, Do They?” .: I planned to update this site several weeks ago, but various obstacles arose that prevented me from doing exactly that. Plus, it certainly doesn’t help that I take about five hours to write one post. Nevertheless, I will try to cover most of […]