| January 29, 2006

Or “I Know The Name Of The First Supreme Court Chief Justice” .: Yesterday I, along with Hunter, Sammy, and Diego, participated in the College Quizbowl tournament. This was the first time that any of us entered the competition, and we were pretty certain of victory. Turns out victory’s kinda hard. We called ourselves “Four” […]

And It’s Illegal

| January 26, 2006

Or “The Day The Music Died” .: I snatched this little gem from a flickr album: .: In case you can’t tell, it’s an old vinyl record with a sticker that proclaims: “Home Taping Is KILLING Music . . . And It’s Illegal” .: Why didn’t we listen when we had the chance?

Adventures In Austin

| January 18, 2006

Or Another Really Long Photoblog .: The past two weeks or so have not been kind to me. Two days before school resumed, I came down with the flu. Then, on that very same day, a cold sore maliciously burst just under the surface of my bottom lip. Susan stopped by just in time to […]

Intellectual Debate

| January 14, 2006

Or “Democracy Thrives on Exchange of Accurate Imformation and Fully-Formed Opinions” .: I took this video at a small get together one apartment over: Right-click and Select “Save Target As” .: It’s three minutes long (exactly!) and a little over three megs in size, but I strongly encourage you to finish the movie until the […]

A New Semester

| January 13, 2006

Or “Unconfirmed Rumor Reported As Fact” .: According to an insider source, today’s lecture in Baylor’s Intro to Neuroscience class made a passing reference to some of my earlier actions from the previous semester. .: I’m fast becoming a legend around these here parts.

Trip to Austin

| January 3, 2006

Or “I Wish To Document My Experiences So I Can Remember Them” -a photoblog- Why is a picture of this car included in this post? Because it’s flipped over. .: My iPod of two years is on the verge of total breakdown, so before my brother and I embarked on our New Years Eve journey, […]