Adventures In Memory

| December 27, 2005

Or “The Frollicking Adventures of Amy and Cody (But Mainly Cody) in Glorious Springtown” in Amazing Color! .: My brother received a Sony DSC-S60 digital camera for Christmas, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. The camera was supposed to be delivered before Christmas Eve, which is when our family celebrates Christmas, but […]

Story Time!

| December 19, 2005

Or “The Adventures of Rackshaw and Epstein” .: The success of this post depends on you, Dear Reader. For you see, it is You who will make it happen, You who will supply the content of this post, and it is You who will stumble backwards onto Your neck when You slip on that marble […]

The Naked Song!

| December 5, 2005

Or “These Things Are Just Too Fun!” .: So I’m currently addicted to, which is probably not a good thing during finals. Here’s my latest creation: The Naked Song!

Music Video

| December 5, 2005

Or “The Art of Noise” .: Pretty much everyone I’ve shown this video to thought it was stupid, but it’s one of my favorites. I love when bands make videos that aren’t simply them playing their instruments, and I love it even more when whatever it is they’re doing matches up with the music — […]


| December 4, 2005

Or “You’re The Man Now Dog!” .: My brother may have linked you to Paris Hilton doesn’t change facial expressions, and other people might have taken the opportunity to make their own parodies. Some even delve into the world of meta-funny. .: Well, now it’s my turn: Rushmore Facial