Sleep Deprivation: Part III

| November 28, 2005

Or “This Is Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol” .: Things did not go so well. I am not talking about the alcohol but, rather, my sleep schedule. Of the three nights I spent at Ben’s, I was disturbed twice whilst sleeping. The third night I didn’t sleep at all. The first disturbance requires a bit […]

Sleep Deprivation: Part II

| November 25, 2005

Or “For Some Reason My Grandparents Don’t Hear It” .: As has been well documented, a decent night of sleep and my existence are two concepts which seem to be incompatible these days. First, it starts with the incessant ringing next door, and then it moves onto waking up in the middle of the night […]

Morning Routine

| November 21, 2005

Or “Real Life Is Boring” .: So a while back, I helped my friend Diego make a short documentary for his film class. We didn’t really plan it through, and it shows. The reason I mention this now is that has a new VideoEdit theme: “Make a documentary about a trivial subject. The more […]

Sleep Deprivation

| November 18, 2005

Or “Always Check Your Smoke Detector’s Batteries” .: My neighbors in apartment 5 moved out at the beginning of the school year. I live in apartment 4. It is now 4:30 in the morning, and I cannot sleep because the smoke detector in apartment 5 is going off. I’ve surmised that there is no fire, […]