| October 27, 2005

Or “My Brother, The Blogger” .: My brother has a new blog. It’s called Willing Suspension of Disbelief. You should go read it and perhaps leave a comment, but only if you have something interesting to add. If you don’t have anything interesting to add he’ll delete it, because he’s tyrannical like that. .: Once […]

Stunning Revelation

| October 26, 2005

Or “Installment B of Things You Don’t Expect To Hear” “I want Susan babies.” – My mother.

On Interstate 30 Part 10 (?)

| October 23, 2005

Or “Installment A of Things You Don’t Expect To Hear” “I think you should go to a strip club.” – Susan

Off Interstate 30

| October 11, 2005

Or “What Not To Do In Case Of A Cold Sore” .: Susan’s visiting me this week. She’ll be arriving tomorrow night with four of her friends. .: This morning I discovered a cold sore developing on my upper lip. Of course. .: Now, normally I would wait the two weeks or so and let […]

Fifteen Minutes

| October 4, 2005

OR “Reflections On Becoming A Terrorist” .: By now my I Am A Terrorist post has received over 240 comments, thanks in no small parts to,, and So now I’m taking this opportunity to offer you, dear reader, the highlights of this recent discourse. As such, I will subjectively organize select comments […]