Clown Zombies!

Posted By on September 8, 2005

“Freedom Of Speech Is A Wonderful Thing”

.: I was walking through a hall in the science building at Baylor today, when something on a dry-erase board caught my eye. Someone had left a message for all to read:

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?”

.: I figured I might as well answer his question, so between Diego and I, we came up with this response and wrote it underneath his message for all to read:

.: Because what’s scarier than clowns? Zombies. And what’s scarier than zombies? Clown zombies. You have all been warned.

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7 Responses to “Clown Zombies!”

  1. pero says:

    It is my theory (since I cannot say I know from experience) that zombies would not really be very mobile – or agile. I still would not want to run into a pack of them – but one single zombie – as long as I see him (or her) coming towards me is not that big of a problem.

    Clowns – for the most part I am not particularly fond of – single clowns, herds of clowns – that doesn’t really matter; I just don’t like them very much.

    Zombie-Clowns – THIS is the screen play you should be writing. I mean, Sam Raimi got started with The Evil Dead – and now – he’s rich.

  2. Christina says:

    I can’t think of a single sane creature that would not fear the clown zombie. I bet even insane creatures would fear a clown zombie.

  3. Chris Stave says:

    I’ve just read a bunch of your posts (starting with the popular one and then going forward to the most recent and then working backwards, where I will presumably find the first post that I read.) and this one seriously made me laugh out loud. Overall I give you a “great work, check+++++++,” even though you probably won’t mention my referrer ( safe for work, but you knew that from the name, right?) like you mentioned Randi.

  4. Skeptyk says:

    Grudge match of the gods: Clown Zombie vs Flying Spaghetti Monster! Even as FSM begins to wrap his noodly appendages
    around his adversary, CZ will squirt his novelty flower at FSM, rendering him less than al dente, but FSM will prevail
    with the help of his sibling Cthulu (note the family resemblance). Aside to my fellow pastafarians: Arrrgh, me nefarious

  5. The thing about Clown Zombies is that they can cram like 23 of them into one car… highly mobile and very dangerous.

  6. Phil says:

    Clown Zombie has a posse!

  7. jet says:

    the dead clown zombie is the coolest creature around. i would let one do to me what ever it wished, does this mean im not sane?