Link Love

| September 30, 2005

Or “Welcome, Randi Readers!” .: James Randi has a new Commentary update, including an entry titled “Zero Tolerance or Zero Brains”. .: Huzzah!

Script Session

| September 28, 2005

Or “Sometimes I Like To Think This Conversation Actually Took Place” .: Whaddya got for us, Dick? :-: Okay, how about this: .: I’m listening. :-: So there’s this elephant, right? And he has big fucking ears. .: You’re fired. :-: Hear me out! .: You’ve got three minutes. :-: So he’s got these big […]

Like Statefarm

| September 25, 2005

Or “The Curious Case Of The Neighbor Who Asked For Eggs” .: Yesterday my neighbor knocked on my door. When I opened it, she asked if she could borrow some eggs. “Yes,” I said, “but I better get them back.” Several minutes later, I heard a knocking again, and when I opened the door that […]


| September 21, 2005

Or “Another Run-in With The LAW” .: Police officers. Collectively, they’re a vital section of society that protects us from one another. Individually, they’re all assholes. At least, that’s been my experience. .: Take today, for instance. In the previous post, I mentioned going to a lecture by Dr. James Watson, a living legend. The […]


| September 21, 2005

Or “Meet The Living Legend” .: Tonight I’m going to see this guy give a lecture at the near by community college. You might recognize him better as the one sitting.

Science Humor

| September 11, 2005

Or “Can You Spot The Anomaly?” .: Here’s a question from a Neuroscience practice exam: 4.) Behaviors such as freezing, fleeing, fighting, and sexual behavior are called: a. motivated behaviors. b. the “four F’s”. c. involuntary motor responses. d. exongenous behaviors. .: Hehe.

Clown Zombies!

| September 8, 2005

Or “Freedom Of Speech Is A Wonderful Thing” .: I was walking through a hall in the science building at Baylor today, when something on a dry-erase board caught my eye. Someone had left a message for all to read: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” .: I figured […]