I Am A Terrorist

| August 31, 2005

Or “How I Threatened To Burn My Professor At The Stake” .: Many of you by now have heard this story. Either I told you over the phone, through AIM, or in person. It’s a long story, and for the first time I’m going to write down as much of it as I can. .: […]

Crazy World

| August 26, 2005

Or “The Political Compass Has Been Folded, Snipped, And Neatly Tucked Under The Rug” Heh.


| August 12, 2005

Or “They Told Me I Would Appreciate Life Even More After This” .: Today was my last day of work. I was an employee for a bank, but I didn’t do a single bank task. I didn’t deal out money. I didn’t make loans to people. I didn’t even get to foreclose a mortgage. But […]