Can’t Think

Posted By on June 6, 2005

“My Girlfriend Really Wants Me To Update Right Now, So You’re Stuck With This Crummy Title.”

.: Thanks to some hacking fucktards, my site’s been down for a few days. I finally fixed it, as you can now see. However, those shitwits hacked my site right when I wanted to update, so I didn’t get the chance to. Now I have that chance, but I’ve forgotten some of the things I wanted to tell you all about. So here’ s a partial list of the updates you’ll never see in full:

.: I have a job now. Thanks to my grandfather, I have a comfortable summer job working at Woodforest National Bank. I’m not an official employee at the moment (I clock in by writing my time of arrival in a spiral notebook), but that should change in the near future. Perhaps by then I’ll also have an official job title. As it stands, my current job description can be stated thusly: I sort through giant stacks of paper and find the notices which have asteriks on them; then I separate the individual notices (three to a page) along the perforated lines and stuff the ones with asteriks in self-sealing envelopes. Repeat ad nauseum. And I do mean ad nauseum.

.: The Omega Code has a sequel. Oh yes. And it’s worse (better?) than the first. It’s called Megiddo, and it’s subtitled The Omega Code 2, because both movies have Michael York in them. That’s about it, though, because the events in Megiddo don’t mesh at all with the events in The Omega Code. They also don’t make any god damn sense! Just think about the following for a second: somehow, through the course of the film, the evil atheistic chinese isolationists become the likewise isolationist United States’ sole ally in a battle against the forces of the Antichrist-led European Union that takes place in the middle east. Also, R. Lee Ermey is the president. This movie deserved its release date: September 21, 2001

.: I hate making my bed. I prefer the chaotic mold of an unmade bed over the sterile touch of a made one. What’s so wrong about that?

.: Someone on The Facebook digs this site. You know who you are. Consider this a shout out.

.: This too was an abandoned post idea. Maybe I’ll try it again the in the future, but then again maybe not. I don’t really like my voice (who does?), but you might. If you happen to like my voice, please comment below.

.: My grandmother thinks I’m too cynical. It’d be easy to make a joke about that, but what’s the point?

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4 Responses to “Can’t Think”

  1. Gee-off (I'll roll with it?) says:

    I liked your voice. You should do radio, but not your dad.

  2. Dallas says:

    You knew this was coming….

    Go to hell.

  3. Ben says:

    That sounded like dallas. Alot like dallas. And not your dad.

  4. kaia says:

    Your dad and dallas sound about the same.