Historical Thought Of The Day

| March 31, 2005

Or “Stuff That Interests Me” “All those military histories glorifying great generals oversimplify the ego-deflating truth: the winners of past wars were not always the armies with the best generals and weapons, but were often merely those bearing the nastiest germs to trasmit to their enemies.” – Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, And Steel

On Interstate 30 part 3

| March 29, 2005

Or “The Amazing Adventures Of Me” .: Four days after spring break ended, Easter break began. Crazy. Still, I had a four day weekend to kill, so I went to Conway again to see Susan. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: the drive there is infinitely better than the drive back. .: Here’s […]

Guest Posting

| March 21, 2005

Or “The Act Of Posting As A Guest” .: Since I update this place all too often, I decided to lend my pen to fellow blogger G-Fry. You can see my work here.


| March 15, 2005

Or “Spectactular Animation Alone Does Not A Good Movie Make” I saw Robots tonight at the behest of my friends. I’d like to say they are no longer my friends, but I’m not that kind of guy (though it would be nice to never have to see a bad movie because of friendly suggestions). During […]


| March 10, 2005

Or “n. Of or relating to everything.” .: I took a break from AIM this past week. The idea was that by shutting off AIM, I wouldn’t spend so much time at my computer, thus motivating me to go outside and interact with flesh and blood. It worked okay for the first half of the […]

Higher Education

| March 3, 2005

Or “My Very First Serial” .: For those of you who waited, here it is, for the first time: Higher Education .: For those of you who didn’t wait, here it is, for the second time: Higher Education .: For those of you who don’t have the slightest clue what this is about: Higher Education […]