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Posted By on February 9, 2005

“How To Convert The Thirsty And Confuse The Imaginative”

.: A while back, when I first came to Baylor, Welcome Week was around. For those not in the know, Welcome Week is where elder students welcome the new students. It’s also when all the local churches try to grab their handful of converts. Personally, I thought United Methodists had the best approach, but their execution was lousy: they gave you free cups of Dr. Pepper and a pen that said “United Methodists”. Unfortunately, the Dr. Pepper was all flat, so I took that as a sign and avoided ever considering becoming a Christian in the name of United Methodist Church.

.: Also, not so while back (about two minutes ago), I was walking through the student lounge building, and I saw a flier for the upcoming “Celebration of the Black Arts.” At first, I thought it was about witchcraft and sorcery, but that would be silly, Baylor being staunchly Christian and all. Then I realized it was the middle of February, and it all started to make sense. Really, it’s their fault for not including a picture on the flier.

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6 Responses to “Dr. Flier”

  1. Cody says:

    Testing, testing. Testing for spam.

  2. dana says:

    no spam, just me laughing.

  3. pero says:

    I confused a person once by using the phrase “black comedy” – which I think people now say “dark comedy” to avoid confusion. (example:)

    -: “Fargo isn’t so bad, once you realize it is supposed to be a black comedy.”
    :- “REALLY? but Bill Macey and everybody aren’t black. Who else is in it?”

  4. Julia says:

    Asians don’t get a month … we don’t even get a day. Give us a friggin’ holiday, damnit!

  5. Zane says:

    What about Chinese New Year? Plus, every day is Asian Day when you’re Asian. You are envied.

  6. Christina says:

    Just try an anime convention. Everyone in there wishes they were asian. Not only asian, but animated!

    Cody, I am disappointed in you. You have given Susan up to the livejournal. Fight the power, I say! Fight it!