Decision Making

Posted By on February 23, 2005

“Never Place Your Alarm Clock Within Slapping Distance Of Your Bed”

.: I have Anthropology at nine every monday-wednesday-friday, but sometimes I don’t want to get up that early. This morning, I had my alarm clock set at eight thirty, but when it went off, I didn’t get out of bed. I had a tough decision to make: go to class or sleep in. Like all tough decisions, I decided to sleep on it.

.: When I woke up, I decided that sleeping in would be the best course of action. It’s a wonderful decision-making device, I tells ya’.

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2 Responses to “Decision Making”

  1. Dallas says:

    When are you going to blog about your highly interesting MST3k binges?

  2. Andrew says:

    By a total random search I found the gallery of “Vs” matches on this site. And I laughed my pants off. I don’t know who you are, but you are my new hero.