Weeked At Waco

| February 27, 2005

Or “If You’re Stuck In Waco And You Have A Car, Use It” .: This doesn’t happen often, but every now and then a weekend rolls by and I have no place to go. Usually, I make a simple three hour drive to Houston and spend time with my brother. Other times I visit my […]

Decision Making

| February 23, 2005

Or “Never Place Your Alarm Clock Within Slapping Distance Of Your Bed” .: I have Anthropology at nine every monday-wednesday-friday, but sometimes I don’t want to get up that early. This morning, I had my alarm clock set at eight thirty, but when it went off, I didn’t get out of bed. I had a […]

On Interstate 40

| February 14, 2005

Or “What A Weekend That Was” Normally, I only drive 870 miles to see the person I love. However, this last weekend, I drove a whopping 1170 miles! Why 1170? Why not just 870 like normal? Well, first I must be honest: I did not drive the entire 1170 miles. I only drove about 650 […]

Dr. Flier

| February 9, 2005

Or “How To Convert The Thirsty And Confuse The Imaginative” .: A while back, when I first came to Baylor, Welcome Week was around. For those not in the know, Welcome Week is where elder students welcome the new students. It’s also when all the local churches try to grab their handful of converts. Personally, […]