Quote of the Week

| January 23, 2005

Or “The Joys of Science” “David Mooney, a chemical engineer at the University of Michigan, and Dr. James Martin of Carolina Medical Center are working on growing women’s breasts in the laboratory. They hope, soon, to seed a three-dimensional scaffold molded in the shape of a breast with breast cells and then implant it into […]

Mismatched Footwear

| January 18, 2005

Or “What A Day That Was” .: Today was just one of those great days. For starters: I finally got my I Heart Huckabees soundtrack, which is wonderful. Biology was interesting today, as was Futuristics (with a name like that, how could it not be?). Not everything was perfect, but those that weren’t hardly mattered. […]

Proud Father

| January 7, 2005

Or “Son, You’ve Done Well .: Sister: “Dad, I want you to notice something about Cody and his friends: [Points at first to me, then at my friends] Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl–all in a bed.” .: Dad: [extending hand to me] “Congratulations, Son.”

Doctor Dad Revisited

| January 5, 2005

Or “Nurse? Please scratch my back.” .: I went to the ER again today. My sister came along too. We followed Dad on his 4:00 pm to 1:00 am shift; not much happened. However, there were still some classic quotes to be shared and some other material that will naturally find itself in the bigger […]

Say It Right!

| January 2, 2005

Or “A Very Important Matter That Must Be Addressed” .: It’s pronounced “Chick-o”—even if it is spelled “Chico.” .: Source.